Parse Server Livequery Error in localhost

I have the same issue described here but in localhost this is my parse server config

liveQuery: {
    classNames: ['Comment', '_User', '_Session'],
  startLiveQueryServer: true,
  liveQueryServerOptions: {
    appId: config.APP_ID,
    masterKey: config.MASTER_KEY,
    serverURL: config.SERVER_URL,
    logLevel: 'INFO',

In the client side here is how I try to connect

const client = new Parse.LiveQueryClient({
  applicationId: 'appId',
  serverURL: 'ws://',
  sessionToken: 'r:503260a5bd2141972cf5ec5f19b8c47b',

  client.on('error', err => {

I always get the error of ‘Unexpected server response: 403’ I did check my configs are both the same on server and client but still get the same error.

I get it to work only if I specify a new port in liveQueryServerOptions this will create a new http server to listen on in addition to the parse server itself which works on a different port.