Parse Server - Log Level values

I cannot find sufficient documentation to tell what are the acceptable values for this setting? The main documentation within the LoggerAdapter states a string - what would acceptable value be? Or is it converted to an integer, and is there a range?

I am using environment variables, which can be set via PARSE_SERVER_LOG_LEVEL

In my servers I use: error or info

Hmmm, I have tried both values. When starting up the container, the log file outputs the various parameters / configurations. It shows as:

level: undefined

The only exception is if verbose=true which then sets level=verbose.

Seems info is the default.

And the error log file never has any content, in /opt/bitnami/parse/logs/

These should be the allowed values: ‘error’, ‘warn’, ‘info’, ‘debug’, ‘verbose’, ‘silly’

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