Parse server upgrade to V7

We are upgrading parse from V2.7.2 to V7. Server environment is Node.js express.
When trying to login, error " invalid serve state: initialized" appears.
It seems parse server fails to initialize?

Any Idea what is going wrong?


Whaou. Quite a jump.
Sorry, I haven’t met this error yet.

Should we start with a smaller Jump?
What are the major breaking Upgrades that we should look for?

I suggest to start with a plain Parse Server 7 installation, without any custom modifications, configs or Cloud Code. For example use the Parse Server example repo. Then, gradually add your customizations. Regarding server initialization, taking a look at the Parse Server 6 migration guide may be helpful, because since then, Parse Server is initialized asynchronously and requires the start() method to be called.


Thanks for the input!

We were able to launch the parse server V7.0 with async start(). We will be in touch on our progress.