Parse-Server Version property

Got a simple question I can’t seem to find an answer to.

On my .js file I have console.log that I hope to spit out the version number of the running ParseServer.

But I can’t figure out where to get the information. Does the ParseServer instance have that information or maybe somewhere else?

app.listen(1337, function() {
    console.log('parse-server version: ' + server.version); // server version here?
    console.log('parse-server: running on port 1337.');

Basically how is ParseDashboard showing the server version?
Screenshot 2023-05-06 at 2.07.27 PM

thanks in advance!

Parse Dashboard gets the Parse Server version via the serverInfo endpoint providing the masterKey, for example:

To generate the response for that endpoint, Parse Server gets the version directly from package.json via:

import { version } from '../../package.json';

So I don’t believe that the version is exposed as a property of the Parse Server instance. But it seems a good idea. Please feel free to open a feature request.

I’ll do a feature request then. trying to access /parse/serverInfo gives me


thanks @Manuel

Did you send it with X-Parse-Master-Key headers? As far as I know, this endpoint requires a master key.

I’ve used the following in Job code to get the server version and some other info:

    //let serverHealth = await Parse.getServerHealth(); // Not available until JS SDK 4.0.1 (we are on 2.19.0 as of Parse Server 4.5.0 (20Feb2023))
	let serverHealth = await Parse.CoreManager.getRESTController().request('GET', 'health');
	console.log("Server Health: %s", JSON.stringify(serverHealth));
	let serverVersion = Parse.CoreManager.get('VERSION');
	console.log("Server Version: %s", JSON.stringify(serverVersion));
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Ah look, if there is such a property already exposed in Cloud Code, then this feature already exists.

I get “js4.0.1” as a result for this code though. pretty sure my Parse-Server is 5.x.x

What’s js4.0.1 ? the jsSDK right? what about the Server itself?

Correct, that would be the Parse JS SDK version. So maybe the feature doesn’t exist yet after all. It should be a simple PR to expose a server version property within Cloud Code.

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Happy to report that there is an open PR now to make the version property easily accessible.


Parse Server 6.3.0-alpha.5 now supports the Parse.Server.version property in Cloud Code.