Parse-Swift for iOS12 support

My min supported version is iOS12 and looks like parse-Swift supports > iOS13+
From what I read on this thread - Linker error integrating ParseSwift SDK - #11 by pierlux this because only iOS13 introduced support for LiveQuery

In My application, I have no need for any real-time based queries, I am only seeking to do some inserts/updates.

Is there any possibilities for me to get this working for ios12?


There’s a lot more than LiveQuery that led to only supporting iOS 13+; particularly, Identifiable. So it’s not possible to use the latest version of the official SDK with iOS 12-. See the post that dropped iOS12 support:

In addition, as of April 2021, Apple requires apps to be built for iOS 14+ and Swift 5.3+ to release to the App Store. See more here:

If you really want to build for iOS12, the last version for ParseSwift that’s compatible is:

You can see my comment here about Swift SDK v1.11.0:

Note you will be missing all changes after v1.11.0 in which there are many:

Thanks v much for your detailed answer. I am actually building / deploying the app which I am still running on my iPad mini Retina (Gen2 - yr 2013/2014) using Xcode 13.x and using the latest iOS SDK and it’s still being accepted by Apple.

I will take a look at the v1.11.0 as my current needs are very simple. I only wish to update/insert some simple data (eg: timestamp / uuid / duration / workout title). Would this be doable w/ the v1.11.0?

Thanks again.

Note: I’m trying v hard to avoid firebase

1.11.0 is very capable, I always recommend using the latest version when possible though.