Parse-Swift minimum Parse Server version?

Is there a compatibility matrix for Parse-Swift and Parse server versions?

No table available at the moment, but it uses the REST API, so it essentially should be backwards compatible with most server versions. The older the version, the less features the server will have along with the possibility of bugs that are fixed in newer versions. The documentation will let you know if a particular feature in ParseSwift requires a server minimum version.

Note that this is the case with any of the Parse Client SDK’s. The only difference is the Swift SDK is currently kept up-to-date with the latest Parse Server features while some of the other SDK’s may be behind in features.

I’ve personally tested some of the Playground code on Parse Server 4.2 and most seemed to work from what I could see…

Thanks! Currently running an app on Sashido which only supports up to 3.6.0 at the moment. But I’ll do some testing :slight_smile:

I suspect the earliest version that might work with ParseSwift is:

This due to logging in via POST. The Swift SDK uses POST instead of GET for most REST calls. So if an old version doesn’t support POST in place of GET, you will most likely will run into trouble. Of course, there’s also the bug fixes and missing features, so I wouldn’t expect everything to work, but my guess is it still supports more features than the Objective-C SDK.

POST calls: