Parse Tutorials?

Hey guys. Im new here and also new to dealing with Parse and i really enjoying it.
One thing i notice that is VERY difficult to find tutorials with Parse usage and setup.

I have my own Homelab Server and i took a day to make Parse-server and Parse-dashboard running and working (almost fine). The tutorials i saw about linux Configuration most of time is from 2018 or earlier.
Now thats is working i need to do some improvments to get perfection.

But then on Dashboard i notice a LOT of options that need configurations, like Push and other things.
I saw some dashboards with Analytics and Security Keys and i need to know how do i implement this on mine.

With Android studio or Swift im following the official guide but is a bit difficult to people that is starting development career understand. Im speaking from myself here.

Would be a bad idea if we do some easy stuff like:
Grab data from Firebase vs Grab data on Parse. Also video tutorials about simple apps with parse.

Also on stackoverflow almost all the questions has no anwsear. :frowning:

Do we have this and im searching wrong?


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I personally use a lot Parse Guides to learn the things that I need ( but there are also some tutorials out there. What tag are you searching for in Stackoverflow? We use to answer most of the questions within a day. Also feel free to send questions and discuss in here. We are glad to help.

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Hey man! thanks for the reply.

Sou brasileiro sim! :slight_smile:

completely true and completely agree