Parse.User verifyPassword has been removed?

I need to verify user password. When user want to change the password, They must enter current password first and then if the password is correct we proceed to changing password. I was searching JS SDK since I will use this code in cloud code. I found verifyPassword method in UserController

And I found a pull request. But when I try to run verifyPassword method, I got error:

Parse.User.verifyPassword is not a function

Is this method removed? if so, How can I verify password?

What is the version of the SDK that you are using?

I didnt try this in cloud code(yet). I tried this in JS console of parse dashboard(2.1.0). And It didnt work

Could you please try with the latest version of Parse JS SDK or the master version of Parse Dashboard?

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I can try with latest parse server cloud code(4.3.0) is this ok? or I should try with master branch?

Ok. I tried my code in cloud code(Parse server 4.3.0) And It returned user object when password is correct and It throwed error when wrong password applied. I guess problem is related to Parse dashboard. I guess JS Console doesnt support all functionalities o JS SDK yet.

There is such a long time that we do not release a new version of parse dashboard and it is still using an old version of parse sdk that does not have the function implemented yet. It should work in the master version and also in the next release.

Hello, related question:

@types/parse contains the declarations files for typescript and I found out the method mentioned by the author has not been added yet.

What will be the steps to start the process to add it?

Since what version of Parse Server is it available?