HI all,

Using ParseSwift with back4app as the ParseServer host. I’m new and learning, but when I run:


…all I get back is ParseError code=-1 error=Invalid struct: No value associated with key CodingKeys(stringValue: “status”, intValue: nil) (“status”).

What does this mean? My google is failing me and I can’t seem to find a list of errors and what they might mean…

thank you

I’m guessing either you haven’t configured the Swift SDK properly to connect to your server or your Parse Server is down. If the health check passes, the server will always send back something the Swift SDK can decode. You can look at how the Playgrounds is configured:

In addition, you can clone the Parse-Swift repo and attempt to modify the config file above and use the Playgrounds to connect to your server if you continue to have issues. You can run the health check in the playgrounds: