ParseLiveQuery not working on certain 4G connection

I have an app running using ParseLiveQuery to send messages to clients.

The app is working well on nearly all devices, but for some reason one device I have will only receive live query messages when the connection is on WiFi. The 4G connection does not work.

I’ve managed to debug this and all I get in the iOS console is the following:

ParseLiveQuery: Error processing message: Optional(POSIXErrorCode(rawValue: 60): Operation timed out)

I’m not really sure how to go about fixing this. I’ve looked at starscream for any issues but haven’t been able to find any related issues. It’s weird how it works on the vast majority of devices on 3G/4G/5G, but on one single device (that I know about) I get the above error.

There are some other logs that may or may not be relevant. I message similar to this 3 or 4 times in the console before the error above is returned from parse:
[tcp] tcp_output [C8.1:2] flags=[R.] seq=1799318694, ack=2120531597, win=8192 state=CLOSED rcv_nxt=2120531597, snd_una=1799318177

Can anyone offer any advice on where to go from here? Thanks!