ParseObject pointer property does not fetch proper class

I’m encountering a strange problem, that I did not encounter with an older version on another project. Lets say I have a ParseObject class called Car, and it has a property contract, which is a pointer to the class Contract (also a ParseObject). Contract has a property file, which is a pointer to the class Parse.File. Now when I retrieve a Car object called car, and I try to obtain car.contract, the classname of car.contract is ParseObject instead of Contract. However, if I query the contract directly, its classname is Contract. When I query the contract itself first and then try to access car.contract, it suddenly is of type Contract. When I remove this query, it becomes of class ParseObject again. The same goes for the file in the contract.

When the property is of the wrong type (just ParseObject), I cannot access the properties of that property (for instance car.contract.file). And adding a query before being able to access the properties of an object does not seem like a good idea (a lot of queries that should not be necessary).

I’m currently using ParsePlatform for javascript in an Angular (typescript) project. I use parse 3.4.4. For the backend, I use a node.js server with a MongoDB. The version of the parse-server is 5.2.4.

Does anyone know what I might be missing?

Would you mind to share a piece of code that exemplifies your problem?