ParseSwift reverse query


I have a table of Candidates which has a one to one relationship to another table Called AssessmentFiles.

I currently query all the candidates with .inluceAll() to get the candidates with the accosted assessmnetFiles. However as the app grew the requirement now is to query AssessmnetFile Table which itself has one to one relationships to other tables and I am able to again query AssessmentFile .includeAll() to get all the related objects. however I am not able to get the Candidates when querying Assessment file.

is it possible to query AssessmentFile and get all relations UP and Down the “Tree” with one api call?

or should I query Candiadtes and nest another API call to fetch the AssessmnetFile with all its relations?

any guidance is highly appreciated.

currently this is my setup and it works but is ULGY and I believe performs a lot of unnecessary API call

private func fetch(_ query: Query<Candidate>) {
    Task {
        do {
            var candidatesList: [Candidate] = try await query.find()
            for index in candidatesList.indices {
                if let assessmentFile = try await candidatesList[index].assessmentFile?.fetch(includeKeys: ["*"]) {
                    candidatesList[index].assessmentFile = assessmentFile
            self.candidatesList = candidatesList
            showError = false
            isLoading = false
        } catch {
            showError = true
            isLoading = false