ParseUser login() method returns false (flutter web)

Hi! I’m trying to login to server with already created user. But response always returns false.
Here is my init code:

void main() async {
  await Parse().initialize(
      clientKey: CLIENT_KEY,
      // debug: true,
      autoSendSessionId: true,
      coreStore: await CoreStoreSharedPrefsImp.getInstance());


here is my login method:

Future<ParseUser> signIn({String email, String password}) async {
    ParseUser user = ParseUser(email, password, email);
    print('method signIn, user is: $user');

    ParseResponse response = await user.login();
    print('auth_service_parse.dart, method signIn, response is: ${response.error}');

    if (response.success) {
      print('user logged in with id: ${user.objectId}');
      return user;
    } else {
      print('user logging in error: ${response.error.message}');

    print('user sign in is null');
    return null;

    // String url = 'http://...:1337/parse/login';
    // var body = json.encode({'username': email, 'password': password, 'email': email});
    // var response = await
    //   url,
    //   headers: {
    //     'Content-Type': 'application/json',
    //     'X-Parse-Application-Id': 'appId',
    //     'X-Parse-REST-API-Key': 'masterKey'
    //   },
    //   body: body
    // );
    // print(response.body);

if I’m using REST API instead of SDK method, the everything is OK, and response returns info about user.

How can I fix this?


And this question already asked on GitHub, but still have no result.
Hope to get some help here )