Phone Authentication

Well just put up a Flutter app on firebase BUT want to make a shift to Parse Server. Concerns about following features,
Phone Authentication - new logon using phone number/code verification.
Map Services - Show map and grab geo location to get address etc.

Where can I find guidance regarding above, and if not available then what to do?

Hi @jaamsadams ,

Parse Server does not provide authentication by phone, to solve this case, I suggest creating a class containing the PIN and Number to be verified and using SMS sending by a third party server.

For the Maps service, Parse Server has a robust Query for GeoPoints that can perfectly meet your needs.

For the display of Maps, just as in Firebase, you must use the services of Google Maps, OpenStreet, Mapbox or any other of your choice.

Take a look at to see the possibilities that consult GeoPoints:

While that is true that phone verification is not provided out-of-the-box, Parse Server provides a flexible auth adapter framework.

@dblythy Has been active in that regard, maybe they can share some advice how to implement this.

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can you please refer to some article which shows how to put phone authentication using firebase phone authentication on Parse server

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Did you search? I just typed in “Parse Server phone auth” and found a lot of links.

This seems to be what you are looking for:

I tried parse-server-firebase-phone-auth. But I am getting following issue: Cannot destructure property 'adapter' Custom auth

I’d like to get this working as well however; I’d like to ask:

  1. Is there a difference between phone number auth vs. phone number registration? I’d assume phone number authentication will log users in but afterwards, we’d have to mark the user “registered” manually one way or another via a server call.
  2. Given that the phone number auth mentioned above works, can someone point a good library that works without Firebase or Facebook Auth?