PostgreSQL $in query not working in aggrigation pipeline

Hi, I am using PostgreSQL as a database.
When I am finding data for the country which belongs to given countries list


But this is not working for PostgreSQL (working for Mongo)

Can you share the query that you are doing on Postgres? Any error message?

The query is executed not giving any error but not given find result for $in
Above mention, the pipeline is used in aggregation.
I have debug the code and found that in postgresStorageAdapter not transforming into SOL query for $in

But I have found the way through query.find() rather than query.aggrigate()
query.containedIn(“country”, ['india]);
working for me

Just one more piece of information needed for me on the search task
I have to store price value in PostgreSQL in numeric data type, not in double precision
How to store and set in schema , there is only Number datatype option available

As long as I know, Postgres adapter does not support aggregate. So containedIn is the way to go.