Proposal for Parse SMS Module

Hi! Has there been any effort to write an SMS module that has the basic scaffolding set up to then integrate with most modern SMS API providers?

If someone from the team is interested in developing such a solution, I have a dev for my org’s project Open Governance ready to implement such a solution if given the right guidance and direction.

Could you share more details on what you have in mind for how this module would work?

I don’t think I’ve checked out all the Parse modules in-depth to know exactly how the APIs would fit together, but I imagined there could be an auth flow implemented with SMS authentication that follows certain universal SMS API specs which the implementing developer could then glue to the SMS platform they’re using.

I just reworked the Auth system of Parse, now it’s ready to implement easily additional auth method like SMS Otp. Adding a example with twilio API could be interesting !

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