Pros and Cons of using Parse over Django

I just wanted to know is it better to build your own backend with Django Rest framework or use Parse Server instead, if the scale of the app is very large? and also is it easy to migrate from one to another?

I believe that “which one is better” really depends on your project goals and team skills. It is not easy to migrate from one to another.

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A versus between Parse and Django is like a versus between a bike and a sports car.
Different language, different goals, different architecture.
Parse can scale as much as you want.
I’m working with parse since 4 years now. If your are a small dev team ( less than 6 ). Parse will offer you the best feature/cost. Currently on the market the fastest way to build a scalable backend is to use Baas like Parse, Firebase, Prisma and many more … (Django is more close to ExpressJS than Parse Server)