Query on field with JSON data type

I would like to save Object data and be able query on its key and value. I was thinking about using the Object data format.

E.g. my collection is named A and it has a key named “test” and it is used to store data in the Object data format.

An object saved can be:
{“id”: 0, “name”: “ac”}

Is it possible to create a query on key “id” of the Object? If Object does not suit, what is the preferred data format in my case?

Thanks in advance!

Yes. It is.

const query = new Parse.Query('a');
query.equalTo('test.id', 0);
const objs = await query.find();

Thanks @davimacedo.
Further to this question, how can get the value of “name” in the returned object in the “test” column?
I was unable to locate the documentation for this kind of query (i.e. Query on Object type of data) in the JavaScript User Guide or the API Specification. Can you please advise?

it should be available in obj.get('test').name