Query only works after any update on Dashboard

So I have setup my Parse Server(5.2.0) and Dashboard(4.1.0) and I am using the JS SDK latest version to build a React Native app with Parse integration but queries respond with ParseError: 119 This user is not allowed to access non-existent class: Task. But Task class exists and if I update any field then the query works fine. Any ideas?

You should give access with clp[for class access] and acl[for documents] to related users.

If you try to change any field by dashboard I think you are master.

Class level permission is public read / write. And I can read from the app whenever I update in the dashboard.

Can you try removing public read and keeping only public write enabled?

Testing latest suggestion! This seems like an issue for me on both app and web using ParseJS. Only after I login into Dashboard the calls start getting information otherwise it logins successful but not able to fetch fields from _User class.

So it’s work? Please give a clear explanation.

@rgunindi no unfortunately not. I forgot to mention that this is on a multi tenant express instance all mounted on same path.

I can access all the apps in the dashboard but when login in my custom cms built with ParseJS I can login but cannot fetch the fields of that user.

So you can fetch user data on the dashboard ?

Yes dashboard works as expected. Client side using ParseJS is the issue. I login fine but just after that I cannot fetch pointer field from the _User class it says undefined, but if I go to dashboard and select that app it works as expected.

Can you share your client code for the related part of this?