Query with -whereKey:containedIn: cannot use excludeKey

My goal is to get a subset of items contained on the server using “whereKey"objectId” containedIn:", but exclude a related Parse object "Company:.

When I add "excludeKey:“company” to my query, it gets kicked back with an error saying “Invalid Parameter”.

Is there some clever way to make this work? Like use +andQueryWithSubqueries:, or possible add a slew of subqueries, one each for one of the items I want (in that case whereKey isEqualTo.?

Any pointers would be useful!

Its my opinion right now that my query is taking a long time since it has to fetch and attach the Company object to reach returned item - those are large objects too!.

EDIT: excludeKey doesn’t work on any queries. Going to post an issue on the GitHub site shortly.