React and React Native Apps query against Parse Server or through ExpressJS routes?


I am new to Parse, I’m sorry if this is very basic, but I’m trying to understand how to use Parse Server the right way.

I already have my Parse server running on port 1337. I know I have to protect routes and control the access to the parse endpoint, but some articles say that it can be done through a client ID and others say that it has to be done using some kind of auth middleware (like an auth middleware for express).

I don’t want to make double work, I feel that writing routes with express it’s like “making an api for the api”, but I don’t know.

Any advice would help.

Thanks in advance.

Parse Server is actually a middleware for Express.js and when you run Parse Server you are actually running an Express.js application with Parse Server routes mounted on it. When developing a React / React Native Apps, for most use-cases, you don’t need to create custom routes. You can just use Parse Server default routes. You can protect your data using CLP and ACL. You can create custom business rules using Cloud Functions.

Just found out about the JS SDK, which works perfectly with React.

Thank you very much. This is an amazing platform.

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