Relation, Array or Pointer for a multiple object passing into other class

What I want to do is be able to create multiple Listings at one time but have them be linked so that when I access the list on the client it can show up as one item. Current I just use a pointer to the Job Class and pass that into the Listing but now what I want to do is link multiple Jobs to one listing but I feel like pointers could be tricky to implement for this. Would it be better to just use an Array or is Relation a better option? I have read up on the documentation for this and I’m still a bit confused.

What is the relationship between Job and Listing? One listing can have multiple jobs and each job is related to a single listing? If yes, you it is a 1-to-many relationship and Pointer is the way to go.

Yes that’s the relationship. For the pointers I don’t know how many their will be for each listing so how do I create the new pointer column inside my cloudcode? Their is no reason for me to have 20 different pointer columns if their is only one job. Or should I just make a maximum and have it iterate through a list?

You will actually create a single Pointer field in the Job class. So for each job object you can know which listing it is related to.