Request.user undefined in Cloud Code


we are proceeding with a migration from a previous backend services built on Parse, to Parse directly, and we recovered almost all the functionalities we had there. One we are struggling on is the cloud function part, for the requireUser: true validation option, because if we log the “request.user” when a cloud function is called, the response is “undefined”.

This should be the part were we write the user in the db:

// Authenticate
  const user = await<ParseUser>({
    endpoint: `/users`,
    params: {
      authData: {
        moralis: authData,
    useMasterKey: true,

and it’s apparently working: we have a user logged on the _User collection and also the _Session is correctly populated, but still if we try from the frontend to log the Parse.User.current the result is null and request.user undefined server-side.

Is there anything explicit we need to do in order to have a request.user populated?

Thank you