S3 File Adapter with minIO

Hey guys,

I want to use minio with the s3-adapter, but don’t know how to configure it with docker-compose.

I have following Config:

- PARSE_SERVER_FILES_ADAPTER={"module":"@parse/s3-files-adapter", "options":{"bucket":"parsemedia","directAccess":true,"s3overrides":{"s3ForcePathStyle":true,"endpoint":"http://mydomain.de:9000/","accessKeyId":"accessKey","secretAccessKey":"secretKey"}}}

But it still connects to AWS Servers.

The documentation is not clear about that, but I read that it is possible.

Can you try this? İ was using this configuration and it was working

{"module":"@parse/s3-files-adapter", "options":{"bucket":"parsemedia","directAccess":true,"endpoint":"http://mydomain.de:9000/","accessKeyId":"accessKey","secretAccessKey":"secretKey"}}

Edit: I thought this was Minio adapter. You should set baseUrl. otherwise parse server will return default aws endpoint.

Try this:

{"module":"@parse/s3-files-adapter", "options":{"bucket":"parsemedia","directAccess":true,"baseUrlDirect": true,"baseUrl": "http://mydomain.de:9000","s3overrides":{"endpoint":"http://mydomain.de:9000","accessKeyId":"accessKey","secretAccessKey":"secretKey"}}}

Thanks for your answer. When I try to save a ParseFile now it says:

The XML you provided was not well-formed or did not validate against our published schema.

Also when I retrieve an image with following URL:


It doesn’t display when I access it through the browser it redirects me to the minio login screen.

It is very sad, that there are no documentation about that. I try minio because the normal file adapter doesn’t support the byte range header, which iOS needs to show a video in an

My bad. You need to add bucket name at the end of the base url.

Your base url must be like this

And you can get your file like this

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It worked!
Thanks so much! If I can spend you a coffee, just tell me :slight_smile:

Following config for docker-compose:

Note: You need to set the right access policies in the minio interface.

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I have both minio and parse docker image running on same server
so how to config the minio URL?

Have you tried

I am using minio also on the same server.
Works with the config above.

I have also a nginx container in front of the minio server

I found that the office docker image did not include the S3 file adapter