Schema is not working

We are trying to add a class, we are using the following method and the code does not pass the line. No error is printed. Please advise.

var mySchema = new Parse.Schema(‘MyClass’);

We are currently on Parse server version 2.7.2

Here is an example from docs:

// create an instance to manage your class
const mySchema = new Parse.Schema('MyClass');

// gets the current schema data

// returns schema for all classes

// add any # of fields, without having to create any objects
  .addPointer('pointerField', '_User')
  .addRelation('relationField', '_User');

// new types can be added as they are available
mySchema.addField('newField', 'ANewDataType')

// save/update this schema to persist your field changes => {
  // returns save new schema
// or
mySchema.update().then((result) => {
  // updates existing schema

How can I define ANewDataType?