SDK alternatives?

The .NET SDK is stale and fractured …
I offered to help fund a consolidation and re-write on Github but no one was interested.
With MAUI launching Is there an alternative SDK (free or paid) that I can use with Back4App / Parse servers ?


I believe the Swift SDK should be able to build for windows (if it currently doesn’t build, it probably just needs some tweaks):

This link discusses the current progress:

Building Swift on Windows:

Swift on Windows forum:

Being transparent, I don’t know what the .NET SDK was used for in the past, so I’m just mentioning the Swift SDK as a possibility.

VERY interesting … thanks!

Update: as if version 2.3.1, the Swift SDK CI now builds and tests against Windows with everything passing. If you decide to use it on Windows and run into issues, feel free to open a PR. In addition, I recommend looking through the API Documentation along with the Swift Playgrounds to get acquainted with the SDK.

CI Status of latest commit: