Server can't read custom Auth Adapter's Methods

This probably is hopefully just a symptom of my experience with node.js being near zero.

I’m attempting to use:

I’m running ParseServer locally and when I attempt to sign in using my Firebase credentials, I get to here in the file ./parse-server/lib/Adapters/Auth/index.js

As you can see, the module appears to have loaded but the keys ‘validateAuthData’ and ‘valid
dateAppId’ of ‘optionalAdapter’ return null, even though they clearly exist in the prototype context of the watch window on the left.

As far as the server config is concerned, I’m launching with ‘npm start’ with a package.json file:

“name”: “ProjectName”,
“description”: “parse-server for ProjectName”,
“scripts”: {
“start”: “parse-server config.json”
“dependencies”: {
“parse-server”: “^3.9.0”,
“parse-server-firebase-auth”: “^1.0.0”

The config.json file:

“appId”: “xxxxxxxxxxx”,
“masterKey”: “xxxxxxxxxxx”,
“appName”: “ProjectName”,
“cloud”: “./cloud/main”,
“databaseURI”: “mongodb://”,
“auth”: {
“firebase”: {
“module”: “parse-server-firebase-auth”

Any suggestions as to why this might be happening would be gratefully received.

Just to add, I’ve had complete success with using the module that the one above is based upon but for a couple of reason I won’t bore you with, I’d like to use the one that’s causing me problems.

This is the one that works:

I’m not sure what’s changed between the 2 that’s responsible for the issue but as I say, I have virtually no experience with ParseServer, node or javascript.