Should I use Express running Parse

Hi guys, I am new for Node JS and Parse but an experienced developer. I‘m planting using Parse as my next application backend, I am not sure if I should use Express running Parse, As I know, if I do not have other node backend code running on the same server, just running Parse is enough. Any suggestion will be welcome, thx.

Thank you very much for your detailed reply, I will run with Express for 2 reasons:

  1. As you said, Express can implement middleware, I need some authentication middleware for the security of the App.
  2. I need a way to manage Cloud Code dependency, I refer to the project structure of parse-server-example, so I could manage dependency by npm

If I use back4app. Back4app follows our package.json in the cloud code
You can manage Cloud Code dependency on the project structure. Ex

./package.json => This includes your dependence

Or if I use another cloud provider I use to general package.json location like normal node projects