Stop using parse server

looking for some advice, our app use parse server (IOS, Android) with coding in Angular JS. Recently our developers recommend that we migrate away from parse server and MongoDB and build something using NodeJS with an RDMS database. Obviously this is costly, the main reason they recommend a migration is because the Angular Js is no longer relevant. So I am asking the question to the community is a migration needed ?. Can we continue using Parse and update the Angular JS to Angular 13.

Also to note our android and web applications performance has degraded over the years.

Do you mean you suspect this to be related to Parse Platform?

I believe that’s more of a database issue, but the main point is my developers want to migrate away from parse which is a significant sum, because according to them parse is outdated and the language (angular JS) used to write our application needs to be updated to Angular 13. I am basically asking the community for advice.

You need a senior/lead engineer to evaluate your current architecture as a whole. It sounds like you do not trust your developers with this judgment. Hire a freelancer with more skills to evaluate and give a recommendation. This should take less than a week.

Parse server works with any HTTP REST/GraphQL client, if upgrading your angular client seems blocked, the problem might be on client side.

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it seams your developers dont realy understand parse-server

  • they want to migrate to NodeJS => parse-server is fully nodejs and based on express
  • they eant to migrate to an RDMS database = > parse supports POSTGRESQL

i suggest they take a little time to realy go deeper into parse-server and Parse SDKs.

if they have issues or blocking point of questions, the community can help.

I generally disagree, if @emackaran wants to move away from Parse Server, they are more than welcome to - open source doesn’t lock people in.

We have continued to evolve and modernize Parse as an open source project, however if your developers would like to pass their feedback forward as to how we can improve, that would be great.

If your developers are more familiar with another technology and are looking to move away from Angular, but you’d want to keep your costs down, it might be worth seeking an Angular developer to do the upgrade work for you. Parse JS SDK should be compatible with Angular 13 so your Parse javascript code can be reused.

If your Parse Server is an older version, and your developers do not have the knowledge for how Parse Server works, it might be best to either invest the time into upgrading, or moving away from Parse (as mentioned) as older versions have known vulnerabilities.

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Hi @emackaran ,

Moving out of parse because of a problem with Angular seems really weird to me. Parse Server is a backend project, Angular a frontend project.

I’m really interested about the following point: “Also to note our android and web applications performance has degraded over the years.”. If you have some insights, it could help us to improve Parse Server :rocket:

BTW: Parse offer many features like auth, ACL, CLP, security, Parse Dashboard, Parse Cloud functions and hooks. Many SDK, LiveQueries, and new powerful APIs like GraphQL API. All these features help to focus on building the business logic of your application instead of creating again a backend from scratch with all the costs of maintaining a “custom” backend. Maybe your developers should take a look to the REST API or the new GraphQL API.

because according to them parse is outdated

Not sure about this one :slight_smile: Parse Platform is now ranked like the 260th most starred organization of Github (parse-community - Gitstar Ranking). And many repos of Parse Platform are quite active.