Suggestions for load balancing Parse Servers

Right now we have just one droplet hosting a Parse Server (2.8.4) and a Parse Dashboard (1.2.0). The Parse Server uses the built-in sessions, installations, cloud code, and config and uses MongoDB, which is hosted in another droplet.

What I want to do now, is to add a load balancer, the one DigitalOcean offers, and 3 extra droplets for Parse Servers. My question is, how does cloud code scale? Now, every time there’s a change to our cloud code repo, we need to pull the changes to our droplet and then, restart parse server. What happens when there are multiple VMs? Do we need to ssh to each one and do the same thing?

Yess you need to do pull for every server and restart. But easier way of doing it would be creating a CI/CD pipeline with GitHub actions. I believe there are tutorials on the youtube.


On index.js, where you setup parse server, there’s a cloud key, where you define the path of your cloud code. Is it possible to put a URL there and have just one server hosting your cloud code?

Hi @CastAsHuman, if you are on digital ocean and you don’t want to deep dive on how to build docker images to deploy your app, or diving into some orchestrators (like Kubnernetes) to scale apps.

I heard that DO released 1 year ago “App platform” that you can connect easily to github/gitlab to auto deploy your app: DigitalOcean App Platform | Build, Deploy and Scale Apps Quickly
They have a lot of tutorials.