Sunsetting support for MongoDB 3.6

I support my apps with parse on heroku backed by mongodb.
MongoDB will be sunsetting support for MongoDB 3.6 on 30th April 2021.
New available versions are MongoDB 4.0 and 4.2.
Is Parse compatible with these new versions of MongoDB?
If not, what do you advise I do?

Parse is compatible with 4.0 and 4.2.
I use these versions of MongoDB in production currently

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Good point, I think we should update the CI tests to run against these MongoDB versions. I can also confirm that I have not identified any issues running against MongoDB 4.2.8.


Somethings news about the thest with MongoDB 4.2.8?

I’m currently using parse with mongo 4.4, everything seems to works properly.

I’m also using mongo 4.4.8 for 2 days. Had no issues. Will inform you if I face any issue

On a similar note, Heroku keeps sending me alerts for their Cedar-14 stack EOL. Anyone running with newer? I tried following their upgrade instructions about a month ago and ended up breaking my test build. I’ve not had to mess with anything on the Heroku side since the initial migration from years ago. I’m a complete newbie with respect to the github integration with Heroku. I assume it’s an easy update process, but for some reason Heroku’s upgrade guide is confusing me.