Swift 5.5 support Async / Await?

With the new Swift 5.5 features for concurrent and Async / Await, is there any plan to support these features especially for PFQuery.getObjectInBackground and PFQuery.getFirstObjectInBackground where I think this would be an ideal use-case scenario?

I tried to do a simple wrapper to the best of my abilities but that didn’t work out. :persevere:

As you mentioned, async/await seems to be a “Swift 5.5” feature. The iOS SDK is written in objective-c and bridges to Swift, but it isn’t written in Swift, so I wouldn’t expect this to be added to the iOS SDK unless you found somewhere in WWDC21 where they mentioned this addition in objective-c.

The Swift SDK will most likely add this at some point. Async/await doesn’t work out-of-the-box from what I’ve seen. New methods and tests that support it will need to be added. Also, it seems like async/await may only work with iOS 15+


Forgot Parse has a Swift SDK. Thanks!

If anyone wants to try async/await in ParseSwift, you can use this branch:

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ParseSwift fully supports async/await with documentation as of v1.10.4: