Temporary storage for PFObject arrays in iOS


Do you have any recommendations about local storage for PFObjects?

I am trying to find a way to cache multiple Parse object arrays (so that it can show the data even when it takes time to receive data back from the server). We cannot use query.cache because now we are using cloud code to do the quaries.

We were advised to make the PFObject conform to NSCoding, so that we can use NSKeyedArchiver to store it in the archive.

So, after seeing this post, swift - PFFile conforming to NSCoding - Stack Overflow
I tried to use this library: GitHub - eladb/Parse-NSCoding: iOS library for serializing Parse objects
But could not get it to work.

Has anyone used this library before? Or are there other simple ways to “make the PFObject conform to NSCoding”? Or any recommendation about how to store PFObjects on local devices?

I would really appreciate if anyone could give me any insight about this problem…

Thanks a lot!

Why don’t you use the SDK built-in Local Datastore (iOS Developers Guide | Parse)?

oh I see! I didn’t know about this. I will check this out. Thanks a lot!!