Trouble with Unity authentification with ParseServer


I am trying to login to my parse server but having issues. Here is what I tried.
Disclaimer: I am new to this kind of stuff.

So i made a docker-compose.yml following this post: Guide to setup Parse-Server with PostgreSQL on Docker - #3 by Martin

It worked fine and can access the parse dashboard using http://localhost:4040/dashboard/
I can then add users and so on. Server-side seems good. (FYI, long story short, I need PostGres database and will later remove that part since the DB will be elsewhere, now I am in a test phase, hence the current docker-compose file)

Now on the Unity side it gets a bit more dicey.

I tried to test the example on Back4App but their library Parse.Unity.dll is giving confict with .net Classes. Not sure why but they did not put their code in a namespace, thus rendering their library incompatible with basic .net stuff like Task<>
githubdotcom back4app/unity-quickstart-example/tree/master/Assets/Back4app

I also tried this but got similar issue with the dll:
githubdotcom mikecann/ParseUnitySampleProject

From the doc here: parseforumdotorg /unity/guide/#users
I am not sure I understand all the steps I need to implement to make a login system.

Can any of you help me in that process ? The learning curve is steep here and I could use a push :wink:

My goal, for now is quite basic:

  • I want to be able to connect to my ParseServer App
  • And to login using user/pwd within Unity3D

Thx in advance for thaking the time to read me!

(Sorry for the wierd links I can only add two link in the post for some reason)

Hi @lejeanf, would you mind trying the following fork?

I’ve heard that there were some developers that were able to make it work.