Trying to use with parse 6 with Moumouls/parse-next-mono-starter

Im trying to use this codebase GitHub - Moumouls/parse-next-mono-starter: All in one template monorepo to build and deploy apps faster than ever with modern technologies. in a new NX project and without graphql, Moumouls seems to not use an expressJS server file but instead manages to bootstrap the parse express routes using expressApp which doesnt seem to exist in Parse 6 (i cant access it anyway)

I also get constructor error with how the server is instantiated here parse-next-mono-starter/server.ts at master · Moumouls/parse-next-mono-starter · GitHub

Just curious, should i remove this server file and setup a standalone express js server file like is usually displayed in example repos or will it be possible to get parse 6 to play nice with this ?

Hi @reptilehaus , unfortunately this forum is not responsible of answering questions about some forks.

I can suggest to close this question and open an issue on my project.

My monorepo project may be need a little update for parse V6 :slight_smile:

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