@types/parse updates


I’m using parse server and cloud code with typescript and it looks like the new files triggers are not updated into the DefinitelyTyped repository. Is there any easy way or what is the standard way these types to be updated? Can be automated somehow?

I’m interested in contributing and looking forward to help!

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Hi Asen, welcome to the community!

The process is not currently automated, I’m sure it would be possible but it’s not something we have planned.

I would suggest you open a PR to propose your changes; information on how to do that can be found here. There are a bunch of authors for the Parse types who I’m sure will be more than happy to review your PR.

Thanks Tom,

I was able to write locally for my project the missing typings. I will submit them to the typing repo soon.

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Thanks to Linus for the massive review I have updated the types from 2.10 to the latest 2.12 release.
There was a lot missing methods introduces by the community in last two releases. So now we hope for a express merge! :pray:


Awesome, thanks for taking the time to submit a PR!

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