"Unable to connect to the Parse API" when object save/ query find just running the example

just the example:

    const Todo = Parse.Object.extend('ToDo');
    const todo = new Todo();
    todo.set('title', title);

    const res = await todo.save();
    console.log('res: ', res);
    const query = new Parse.Query('ToDo');

    const res = await query.find();
    console.log('res: ', res);

error message:
e- 100 XMLHttpRequest failed: “Unable to connect to the Parse API”
info: Ran cloud function createToDo for user undefined with:
Input: {“title”:“Task 1”}
Result: undefined {“functionName”:“createToDo”,“params”:{“title”:“Task 1”}}

Can you provide more details on how you are running Parse Server and how you are initializing the sdk?