Unable to implemented ParseLiveQuery on iOS. Always get "cannot decode json into"

I have a parse server implementation and I’m using an iOS app to interact with the server. Everything works as expected except ParseLiveQuery.

This is the implementation I have:

For simplicity purposes, the subscription to ParseLiveQuery is on the appDelegate right after the parse SDK is initialized:

Parse.Initialize(with: configuration); //appId, clientKey, server

let query = Test.query()!.whereKey("isActive", equalTo: true);

let subscription = Client.shared.subscribe(query);
subscription.handle(Event.updated) { query, parseObject in


The Test object is just a simple swift Test class:

class Test: PFObject, PFSubclassing{
    static func parseClassName() -> String {
        return "Test";

    @NSManaged var isActive:Bool;

Looking around it says I need to subclass using PFObject and also conform to PFSubclassing.

So when I go into the Parse Dashboard and I update this “Test” object, I see a trigger on the app side but with an error saying "cannot decode json into "

enter image description here

I think I must be missing something basic about ParseLiveQuery since I can’t find anything about this anywhere.

I appreciate any help with this issue!

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