Unity/.net: Improper encode of parameter

Hello, I’ve been having some trouble with the Unity documentation on your page as there is no information for this problem. What I’m trying to implement is quite simple, just a simple query where I want to get the objects with a specific name but the console displays the error “ParseFailureException: Improper encode of parameter”

The code:

    public async void getScore()
        IEnumerable results = await ParseClient.Instance.GetQuery("ColorExport").WhereEqualTo("name","claro").FindAsync();

        foreach (var obj in results)

Complete error log:

Could you please try with ParseObject.GetQuery("ColorExport").WhereEqualTo("name","claro").FindAsync();?

Hello, yes I tried this before but the .ParseObject does not contain a definition for .GetQuery


Did you follow this instruction?

Yes I did.

What’s the sdk version that you are using?

2.0.0 but I tried the same with the 1.7.0.