Using MongoDB with rocksDB

Hi, I am trying to get rocksdb working with MongoDB and followed the guide here and installed it from Percona (v4.4) but it did not work when running it (rocksdb engine not found) and then I found this blog post:

Should I use the older MongoDB 3.6 and rockdb as engine, or is MongoDB 4.4 with WiredTiger better for Parse now?

Generally, it is never advised to build on a deprecated platform.

MongoDB 3.6 reached its End-of-Life support in April 2021 and the next version of Parse Server (target release date late 2021) will drop official support for MongoDB 3.6.

Ok! But there is no way to use rocksdb then?

That I cannot tell, but why do you want to use it in the first place?

But you write here:

  • 50x increase in write performance
  • 90% reduction in storage size
  • significantly reduced latency on concurrent workloads due to reduced lock contention

Thanks for pointing this out, we should remove that anecdote from the docs.

These numbers are in comparison to the deprecated MMAPv1 storage engine. MongoDB has long moved on to the WiredTiger storage engine, which brought significant improvements over MMAPv1.

In addition, Parse Server officially only supports the MMAPv1 and WiredTiger storage engines. Other MongoDB storage engines are not officially supported anymore, and even MMAPv1 support will be dropped with the next release.

@Tom Should we remove that from the docs?

@dplewis Will the next version of Parse Server support alternative storage engines after the recent PR regarding schema hooks?

There is an existing issue for this - 📙 remove info about mongorocks · Issue #718 · parse-community/docs · GitHub

I think I never got round to making a PR

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Thanks @Tom, my bad, should have looked it up.

@sdfjtr34 Would you want to submit a PR to remove this, so the next one doesn’t fall into the same trap?

Sure, I’ll fix it tomorrow :slight_smile:

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