Using the SDK vs Rest API web app

I am doing an MVP for a client and want to use the server. but. I don’t want to use the js sdk, I just want api end point(s) to use. Is that still possible ?

using the REST API how do I set the confirmation email ?

Yes. That’s possible. You can find the documentation of the REST API on the following link: REST API Guide | Parse

Could you please elaborate your question about confirmation email?

1 - Confirmation email : How do i setup the parse server to send this (smtp etc) or can I use mail chimp or mailgun ?
2 - When the user logs in I want to load the company data (created when thy sign up) . Is there some way to do this at the same time as login ?


1 - Please take a look at the following link: GitHub - parse-community/parse-server: API server module for Node/Express
2 - When using the REST API, you will have to do one more API call to retrieve data from another class.