Using "updatedAt" to query returns no results


I have an issue with parse while using the “updatedAt” value when doing a query. I’m trying to condition the query result using “updatedAt” with “whereGreaterThan”, but whenever I do that, the query result is empty. Any suggestion? Thanks!

Would you mind to share the code that you are using?

whatever value I try to pass, it just returns an empty list

Sorry for adding a new reply, but we’re looking to go into production these days and it will be very helpful to find a solution to this problem. If anyone knows how can I achieve this type of filtering, I’ll kindly ask if he/she can share it here. Thanks!

This might not be a useful comment, so feel free to ingore me :smiley:

Whever I hit issues like this (i.e. queries that don’t work as expected), I play with my query in the JS Console (in Parse Dashboard). I’ve found many a problem that way.

Good luck!

I see that your lastSyncDate var is defined as Long. Could you please try to pass as a Date?

If I’m looking into the response, as I can see, every object has a property updatedAt returned as a Long.

Could you please try passing as a Date? According to the docs, Date fields should be passed as java.util.Data: Android Developers Guide | Parse

Oh hell, seems like this was the issue, now the query is working as expected. The response containing the value as a Long mislead me. Thanks for the support!