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@404-html should be added as a member of Parse Platform, receiving access to selected Parse Platform repositories.


@404-html has been active in the Parse Community and made valuable contributions to advance the products and productively engaged in discussions to find the best outcome for the project and the community.


As dictated by our governance, this vote will stay open for 72 hours and requires consensus approval from the members of the PMC. Only votes from PMC members are binding but other members of the community are welcome to submit a vote and/or reply to this topic with any opinions for/against the proposal.

Anyone who votes against the proposal is encouraged to explain their position in this thread, or contact any PMC member in case of sensitive matters that should not be public.

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Hey Parse Community :wave:
thank you for invitation. I’m Artur from Poland. I’m using Parse Server & Dashboard in my side project and I have to admit it was a good choice, well done All :clap:. My biggest (so far) contribution to Parse Dashboard is on top of my resume and I have to say it opened some doors for me. Happy to be here!


Welcome Artur!

It’s a pleasure to welcome you onboard! We plan to start an interview series „Parse Platform Creators“ where we present companies / developers and how Parse Platform helped them create a live product. Would you be interested?

„Parse Platform Creators“ sounds like a neat idea! Content is King and I would probably benefit from such interview too so I’m more than happy to take part, thank you for asking.

Another topic: I managed to deploy Parse Server to Google Cloud AppEngine and it works great within free limits. I also setup a Gitlab CI/CD so it deploys automatically. It’s so nice and saves a lot of time I started considering recording a video tutorial about setting this whole thing up. Do you guys think something like that would be useful? My biggest concern is that video can quickly get outdated and it takes effort to record one.


Great idea! Maybe you want to coordinate / collaborate with @dblythy who already has created some written tutorials and can give some hints!