Vote to add Corey (cbaker6) as a committer


@cbaker6 (GitHub profile) should be added as a committer to the Swift SDK team; giving him write access to the Parse-Swift repo.


Corey has been active in the community since March. He has made 19 PRs to the org focused on Postgres with Parse Server and more recently the Parse Swift SDK which currently has no clear maintainers.


As dictated by our governance documentation this vote will be open for 72 hours and will need consensus approval from the members of the PMC. Only votes from PMC members are binding but other members of the community are welcome to submit a vote and/or reply to this topic with any opinions for/against the proposal.

Anyone who votes against the proposal is strongly encouraged to explain their position.

  • In favour of the proposal
  • Against the proposal

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A pleasure to see @cbaker6 joining the team and hats off for this tour-de-force with the Parse Swift SDK :clap:

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@Tom the link 19 PRs should be corrected, it points to my GitHub user.

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