Vote to add L3K0V as a member


@L3K0V should be added as a member of Parse Platform, receiving access to selected Parse Platform repositories.


L3K0V has been active in the Parse Community and made valuable contributions to advance the products and productively engaged in discussions to find the best outcome for the project and the community.


As dictated by our governance, this vote will stay open for 72 hours and requires consensus approval from the members of the PMC. Only votes from PMC members are binding but other members of the community are welcome to submit a vote and/or reply to this topic with any opinions for/against the proposal.

Anyone who votes against the proposal is encouraged to explain their position in this thread, or contact any PMC member in case of sensitive matters that should not be public.

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Iā€™m developing on Android since Android version 2.1 and two years ago I started using Parse Server for my side projects. Iā€™m not confident taking over the Android SDK only because I have not knowledge about the SDK internals referring Plugin System, State approach used for the ParseObject, but I think I can start rolling the ball slowly by keeping it up to date and go though the current open issues and PRs. Also Iā€™m aware alone I cannot do much in but I hope I can wake up the community by simply being there in the GitHub repo.

Nice to meet you,

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