Vote to remove Arthur Cinader (acinader) as a PMC member & Github org member


Arthur Cinader should be removed as a member of the PMC and as a member of the Parse Community GitHub organisation meaning he would lose ownership access.


Arthur has unfortunately moved on from his active use of Parse Server and as such has been unable to contribute to the community for an extended period of time and has been unable to fulfil his position as a member of the PMC due to having other commitments. It is thus impractical and inappropriate for him to maintain this position. He should also be removed as an owner of the Parse Community GitHub organisation to maintain an active and secure committer group.


As dictated by our governance documentation this vote will be open for 120 hours and will need unanimous consensus of the community. Only votes from PMC members are binding but other members of the community are encouraged to submit a vote and/or reply to this topic with any opinions for/against the proposal. PMC members should take into account any views from the community when voting.

  • +1 agree with the proposal.
  • -1 disagree with the proposal and must provide a justification for not addressing the issue.

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@Tom any chance we could use a small amount (e.g $20) from the OpenCollective to get a small gift for departing moderators? Personally I think it would be a nice way to thank people who have got us to where we are. My servers wouldn’t be the same without Flovimart, Drew Goss, Acinader, etc.

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I agree, keep just the people that use Parse and can contribute in anyway, even here on the forum…

I wouldn’t want to leave this kind idea unanswered, so I’ll try to make a case why I think it is a truly kind suggestion but why I am not in favor of it.

I think what you expressed is a sense of gratitude that many developers share with you. Parse Server has created the basis for a livelihood for some and still provides new entrepreneurs with a toolbox to pursue their ideas where imagination is the limit.

This is only possible thanks to our engaged and lively community with amazing contributions in every dimension:

  • horizontally, from one-time contributors to continuously active contributors
  • vertically, from core team members to users who give feedback on how to advance Parse Server

Community first. While it is true that every community needs some form of guidance to reach its objectives, the main work gets done thanks to the countless hours by the many members who either contribute in code, donate to the collective or participate in some other way. Singling out members of the core team would not do justice to the fact that an overwhelming part of contribution comes from people outside of the core team. If voluntary, uncompensated contribution is appreciated beyond a profile image on the contributors’s page, then we get into the complex dynamics of quantifying and qualifying the value of contribution and which form of appreciation to allocate to which level of contribution. The contribution of core team members is not categorically more important than the countless coding hours of other contributors, core team members just have a different role with different aspects to consider.

Project first. The principal motivation for being on the core team should be advancing the project. The financials of an open source project can determine its future, especially as it scales. As such, it should be in the interest of core team members to preserve the project’s financials and avoid any expenses that do not directly or indirectly advance the project. While it is a truly kind idea to buy a gift, the biggest gift to core members should be to see the project advance further that they helped to develop.

I think honoring (departed) core team members - like other contributors - with a profile image on the contributors’ page is an appropriate way of paying tribute to their efforts.


Very well articulated thank you!

I agree this is a really nice idea. I think @Manuel makes some valid points particularly with regard to the great contributions made by people who may have no ‘official’ position within the team (yourself being a prime example right now).

I would also just add that specifically in setting up the Paid Contributors Program, Arthur was very keen that it was only for contributors who did not use Parse Server in a commercial context / have existing financial motivations for contributing (which he did).

That said I am far from the arbiter of the Open Collective so I would be happy to split this into another topic to discuss further & invite the views of other core team members etc.