Vote to remove Natan Rolnik (natanrolnik) as a PMC member & committer


Natan Rolnik should be removed as a member of the PMC and a committer as part of the Core Contributors & Parse Server teams.


Natan has unfortunately been inactive within the community for an extended period of time and has been unable to fulfil his position as a member of the PMC. It is thus inappropriate for him to maintain this position. He should also be removed as a committer in the Parse Community GitHub organisation to maintain an active and secure committer group.


As dictated by our governance documentation this vote will be open for 120 hours and will need unanimous consensus of the community. Only votes from PMC members are binding but other members of the community are encouraged to submit a vote and/or reply to this topic with any opinions for/against the proposal. PMC members should take into account any views from the community when voting.

  • +1 agree with the proposal.
  • -1 disagree with the proposal and must provide a justification for not addressing the issue.

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@Tom do you think it makes sense to globally pin topics with voting for the period of the open voting duration? It seems like a contradiction that we request active participation from the community but these topics rarely receive comments and therefore disappear in the stream quickly, especially in a “remote” category like “Governance”.

@Manuel They could be pinned, although I’m not sure if you can have multiple global pins (I’ll try it and see! - UPDATE: you can). Comments are only necessary if one disagrees with the proposal which in practice rarely happens because they tend not to be controversial. I don’t think the category matters much as I imagine most people use the default latest view which shows topics from all categories.

It would be nice to see more votes, and comments if necessary, from the whole team so it might be worth promoting the votes in the team slack channel.

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Yes, I see them now pinned in the “latest” view. I hope this already leads to more votes and feedback from the community. (Edit: It seems to help, the current PMC votes already seem to receive more views / votes than the previous ones.)