Waitlisting Users to get into Beta

Hi all!

Does Parse have a system to get user emails and have them marked as waitlisted or wanting to get into Beta?

You know those new sites / apps where you sign up for beta and be on a waitlist?

Does Parse have anything similar to that? I was wondering if maybe I missed it.

we ask for their emaill, and when the time is right, flip a switch and have Parse email the user that they can now fully sign up to the app.


I don’t think so, as this is a simply adding to the db case.

You can just create a separate table called Waitlisted. Then create a form with an email field. Then a function that would add the input of the form to the table.

When the user submits the form they add themselves to your whitelisted table.


That’s basically what I thought of doing. I was just wondering if there was a system in-place for what’s next. Like a method to move someone from being waitlisted to being in beta, inviting them to signup through an email form and a link I guess.

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