What is the best practice for deploying Parse Server to a serverless platform?

Hi everyone! I am a beginner and use Parse Server to develop a web app backend.

I am using MongoDB Atlas for data storage, and AWS S3 for file storage. As a result, I suddenly realized that my Parse Server now seems to be stateless. It accepts user requests and executes cloud functions. So, a natural idea is, is there a way to deploy it to a serverless platform? Or, to break it into separate cloud functions and deploy it to a serverless platform?

I tried deploying the entire Parse Server to Cloudflare Worker or AWS Lambda, but encountered huge obstacles and could hardly find relevant tutorials. Therefore I come here and hope to discuss this topic with you.

Parse-Server project is basically a node.Js(…) backend framework. You cannot run it in environments like Cloudflare worker. You can run it on Container Deploy platforms.

Thanks for the reply! Yeah it seems that the architecture of Parse forces its stateful deployment. But in some cases - Parse server contains no data or files, and a stateless deployment sounds reasonable… but difficult to do.