Which sdk should I use? Js or rest api

For react js /angular or any project (which can have web and mobile app) which sdk should be use either js sdk or rest api .

Is there any thing that js sdk will have more features or more powerful in comparison to rest api , on other hand rest api may have some limitations?

So basically in which scenario should user decide which sdk JS or Rest ?

Because rest api can be use directly in mobile apps so there are no need of different sdk . one can consume or post all data using rest api .

I would recommend using the SDKs where you can, as the SDKs are regularly updated when new features are added, and handle data storage, session tokens, etc for you. I would only use the REST APIs for platforms that don’t have SDKs.

If there is anything in the REST API that isn’t in the JS SDK, or you are having troubles with the SDKs, feel free to let us know.

If you are building a mobile app, you can use the Mobile SDKs as well, such as Parse Swift, which wrap up the Rest API for you.

For React app, you can also check out this react lib, which works together with JS SDK and makes queries more convenient via hooks.

In addition to the points added by @dblythy nd @davimacedo the SDKs know how to “speak parse” via REST and typically manipulate your data in the appropriate ways before sending to the server, making your life easier. For an example of this, handling authentication/login properly:

It’s easy to make mistakes attempting to handle ParseObjects on your own via REST, so it’s recommended to use the SDKs when possible.